Digital Functional Printing Expertise

ARDEJE has a strong knowledge and background in the field of Drop-On-Demand (DOD) Inkjet Printing technologies and has developed a powerful know-how regarding Functional Fluid Jetting. From R&D to production, Ardeje provides Services & Equipments to speed up your developments.

From Ink Formulation to Printing Process Development and associated Printing Equipments, our mission statement is to support our customers from “proof-of-concept” to an industrial scale.

ARDEJE designs chemistry and process to have in hand all technological features for tomorrow applications. Our steady improvement lies on a continuous Research effort focused on your own needs for Development and Industrialization.

ARDEJE develops processes and industrial manufacturing systems using digital printing technology for Organic Photovoltaics, Lighting, Smart Textiles, Plastronics, Biology, Luxury, Customer goods, Plastic Industry, …

By handling this technology with a high degree of expertise and by developing Industrial Solutions, ARDEJE will be your reliable partner to develop your Digital Printing Process.